As a small business, you will find it of great importance to always ensure you’re getting the very most out of each and every post you make on Instagram. Such a powerful tool, Instagram has the ability to take your business to the top. Not just in your own country but also across the globe.
Attracting a monthly three hundred million, active, monthly members, collectively sharing a massive seventy million posts a day, Instagram has over-shadowed even the social media behemoths we know as Facebook and Twitter.

Post Optimization is Key

Good, solid content is key when it comes to growing your business on Instagram. Make sure you keep all of your posts updated (post updating currently only available on the mobile app). Hashtags are a great way to build new audiences and reach out to those that will hold in interest in your niche even after having bought Instagram followers. Always be sure to go back and edit older posts to add new and relevant hashtags.

Using hashtags can be a fine art and done correctly, can have a massively positive impact on your audience reach. Using hashtags such as “#LiverpoolTattoo” will help you reach a specific, narrow audience that will be ideal for your business, whereas tags such as “#tattoo” or “#ink” will ensure your post is seen by more people but far less targeted than if you were to use the first.

Having the ability to use up to 30 hashtags is beyond great. This means you can -and you should- mix your hashtags with specific ones and those of a broader nature. It’s also worth remembering that shortened tags like “#onlinebiz” don’t have as much effect as the full version “#onlinebusiness”. It’s a popular misconception that the smaller hashtag has the desired effect but this stems from Twitter where character limitation is strict.

Have a Plan

Before jumping in at the deep end, make sure you first have a plan. Ask yourself those vital questions such as: What sort of photos will you be posting? Can you provide a steady stream of content for your niche?
It’s always a good idea to review just how much content you will be able to post and how often your source can provide this content. Whether you’re taking photos yourself, or using existing images with permission, there’s never a limitless supply every day. So, work out how much you will be posting based on supply and stick to it fervently.

The trick is to try and create the interest and exposure you need without spamming your audience as this can -and will- result in a gradual loss of followers. Posting once a day, four or five times a week seems to be a good rule of thumb and has worked well for me for me since day one.

Exercise Frequent Analysis

Analyse your profile once or twice a week. See what posts are doing well and what your audience are enjoying and remain consistent with what they like to see. This will slowly turn your page into your audiences ideal and pay off to no end.